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Orchid-Related Organizations

The American Orchid Society: The AOS is the largest horticultural society in the country, consisting of over 25,000 members. Their monthly publication, "Orchids," or "The AOS Bulletin" for the purists, contains a wealth of horticultural information targeted at every level from beginner to seasoned veteran. The advertising section contains ads and specials from vendors all over the country. Their web site is a valuable source of information for all aspects of the hobby, including links to vendors and societies, a calendar of events, and Orchids A to Z, a review of orchid genera. The Central NY Orchid Society is affiliated with the AOS, and holds an AOS-sanctioned and judged Show each year.

The Orchid Digest: Full-color magazine put out quarterly containing intelligent and informative topic articles, including extensive genus reviews (Paphiopedilum, Phragmipedium, Dracula, Pleone, Sophronitis, etc.). The Central NY Orchid Society is affiliated with The Orchid Digest, and OD President Ron McHatton is a past member of CNYOS.

The International Phalaenopsis Alliance was formed by a group of avid Phalaenopsis fanciers with interest in bringing the world phalaenopsis community closer together. The IPA’s objectives include (among others) bringing Phalaenopsis growers from all over the world for the purpose of (1) addressing problems of immediate concern to Phalaenopsis growers and (2), sharing and disseminating cultural information for the advancement and conservation of the Phalaenopsis family of orchids, (3) conservation of Phalaenopsis species, and (4) providing regional and national forums for grower seminars at major shows and conferences worldwide. In addition the IPA publishes a full color newsletter (4 times per year) that includes information on breeding, cultural techniques and materials, newly awarded clones (by varietal name), sales opportunities, and other topics of concern.

North American Native Orchid Conference - An excellent organization dedicated to increasing knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of North American Native Orchids. They hold a conference each year in different regions with presentations by knowledgeable enthusiasts and scientists, travel to sites with native orchids, and publish a quarterly Journal. There is also a native orchid email list that is open to the general public, free of charge; you can join the email list through their home page.

Orchid-Related Web Sites

The Orchid Mall: The most comprehensive orchid-navigation site on the web. If you want to find out what the web has to offer about orchids, this is THE place to start! Your complete on-line orchid resource center!

The Orchid Photo Page: This site by Greg Allikas is a great place to view high-quality orchid photographs. In addition, Greg writes an on-line orchid magazine, the O Zone, as well as a number of permanent features, including "What if they Mated," articles on grooming tips, and several lighthearted articles. Great site!

Jay Pfhal's Internet Orchid Photo Encyclopedia: A huge compilation of orchid species photographs (and a few hybrids). Can't find a picture or cultural information on a specific species? Check Jay's site first! Thousands of species in hundreds of genera, new species and updates being made continually

The Native Orchids of NY State page is a valuable & comprehensive resource for information concerning the status of the various orchids native to NY state. Maintained by the SUNY ESF Roosevelt Wild Life Station (located in Syracuse NY), native orchids are classified according to local habitat. The site contains a lot of detailed photos (typical habitat & orchid species). A very nice summary to the family Orchidaceae is included. This is a beautifully-done page and well worth checking out!

OrchidWire is a new online orchid resource directory that features listings of societies and vendors from all over the world. It boasts links to 788 orchid web sites in 44 countries! Check out the Mystery Site, which will take you to a new orchid site every time you enter!

Slippertalk is a relatively new orchid forum for slipper orchid fans and lot more. Cool people, great pictures and lots of information

Orchidacae: A Guide to the Orchid Flower Family Kremp Florist provides a handy information page for the vast Orchid Family
(thanks Bethany! : ) )

The Baker's Orchid Species Culture Orchidculture information site - species cultural information in the form of published books and downloadable cultures sheets (some free sheets available) website: Krum Sotirov has a wide selection of orchid-related information

Orchid Essentials website - Champion orchid grower Peter Timoney in Scotland has compiled some orchid culture videos and other orchid care information
(also the Orchid Essentials Facebook page )


The following vendors are highly recommended by the Central New York Orchid Society based on participation at our annual Fall Show & Sale, speaking at our meetings, donations to our annual spring orchid auction, and/or specific recommendations of our members. As a result, CNYOS owes them a great deal of thanks for their generous support of the club and its members. When considering purchasing orchids, please check out these vendors first!

A & P Orchids: Quality Phalaenopsis and Paphiopedilum.

Afrodisa - Wally Orchard: Yachats, Or. Specializing in Disas and other South African Orchid species. Plants and lots of information. Speaker at our Club

Al's Orchid Exchange: Amazing Phalaenopsis species and primary hybrids, plus more

Andy's Orchids: Orchids on a Stick! Shangri-La for the species grower! Andy provides the wonderful selection of orchids for our Annual Spring Auction and our Biennial Mounted Orchid Clinic.

AnTec Orchids: Very high quality Paphiopedilum and Phragmipedium (species & hybrid) seedlings and flasks—and possibly the best and most informative web site for the Paphiopedilum enthusiast.

Asuka Orchids: A very unusual selection of cool growing orchids from around the world. Donor for our Spring Orchid Auction. They have Disas, Masdevallias and Aussie terrestrial species! (plus much more)

Big Leaf Orchids: Owner Peter Lin of Texas, long-time Member and contributor to the IPA; excellent Phal species and hybrids. Also has an excellent Phalaenopsis-related orchid forum

Bloomfield Orchids: Specializing in fine Paphiopedilums and Phragmipediums. Bloomfield Orchids is a grower-owned company dedicated to providing high-quality Paphs (Paphiopedilums) and Phrags (Phragmipediums) plus a a few other genera and hybrids. Located in Rochester NY. Regular at our Annual Fall Show.

Carolina Orchids: Tom Nasser, speaker at our club,
wide selection of many genera.

Carter & Holmes Orchids:
Specializing in high quality Cattleya hybrids and mericlones, but also offering a wide selection of other orchids, including Phalaenopsis, Paphiopedilums, and miscellaneous seed-grown species.

Everglades Orchids: Warmth tolerant Oncidium Intergenerics and Cymbidiums hybridized by Milton Carpenter, past President of the American Orchid Society

Fox Valley Orchids: Owner Tom Kalina formerly associated with Orchids by Hausermann, excellent Slipper Orchids, also supplier of compots for our Biennial Compotting Clinic (and Slippertalk orchid forum member)

Gold Country Orchids: California vendor of excellent orchid species

J&L Orchids: Wonderful selection of smaller-statured Pleurothallids, Dendrobiums, and other species. And J&L specializes in those wonderful Masdevallia species and hybrids!

JustPat Orchids: of Philadelphia, PA. Proprietor Paul Sheetz first presented at our November 2000 meeting, and has since become a regular judge and vendor at our Fall Show. He specializes in not only a wide variety of orchids, but a selection of unique & unusual rare botanicals as well. (215) 242-4316

Kelley's Korner Orchid Supplies: Located in Milford, NH. Everything you need to grow great orchids! Vendor at our Fall Show.

Marlow Orchids: Diverse selection of well-grown species and hybrids—Located in Scottsville, NY, right outside of Rochester, NY. Regular at our annual fall show and Speaker at our Club.

Meyers Conservatory:
Species orchid conservation. Mostly orchid species seedlings from flask and much more! (ask about free flasking program)

Mountain Orchids: Lots of uncommon and unusual species, specializing in, but definitely not limited to, Pleurothallids and Dendrobiums (especially Oxyglossum, Pedilonum & Calyptrochilus) . Don't miss Darrin's Miscellaneous Genera page, where there are some really great species! Previously at our Annual Fall Show.

Oak Hill Gardens: Let's talk wide selection and great prices! The orchid seedling packages are a great value and a lot of fun!

Petite Plaisance: (Valley Ford, CA) has a reputation for well established plants beautifully grown in pots, teak baskets, or on hapuu or cork mounts. Most of their offerings are mature, blooming-size plants. The well-designed web site has photos of all of their offerings.

Piping Rock Orchids: Wide selection of Paphiopedilum & Phragmipediums species and hybrids, including some rather hard to find selections.

Robert's Flower Supply: Very wide selection of Orchids, potting media and Native Orchid species and hybrids

RoyalOrchidClub: Hawaiian vendor of a multitude of orchid species and hybrids, both adult plants and many compots. Supplier of orchid compots for our recent Orchid Compotting Clinic

Sorella Orchids - A small grower/vendor of mainly species including Phalaenopsis from the Philippines. Excellent plants, price and quality.

Spangle Creek Labs: In 1990, Carol and Bill Steele founded Spangle Creek Labs, a Washington State licensed nursery, for the purpose of selling off excess Cypripedium seedlings that Bill had grown as a result of his orchid conservation activities. Now located in Bovey, MN, Spangle Creek Labs has become a premier source for artificially-propagated Cypripedium seedlings, at very reasonable prices. In addition the site contains a large number of photographs of Cypripediums from all over the world.

Sunset Valley Orchids: Fred Clarke originator of the new intergeneric hybrids FredClarkeara, vendor of unusual and easily-grown catasetinae hybrids plus other interesting genera, collection of excellent cultural information for growing catasetinae, AOS Judge and Speaker at our club

The Wild Orchid Company: Perennial Gardening with nursery-grown native orchids, has book available for sale about native orchid gardening, speaker at our club

Windswept-In-Time Orchids: (facebook page, no website) Broadview Ohio - based orchid vendor, regular vendor at GROS Show and past donor for our Annual Spring Orchid Auctions

Woodland Orchids: Charlotte, NC. Specializes in the Odontoglossum/Oncidium Alliance with other genera also available. Speaker and Vendor at our club meeting

Zuma Canyon Orchids: Phals, Phals, Phals, and more Phals! ZCO has been producing some of the best hybrid Phalaenopsis for over 30 years! (now a wholesale only grower of phals)

The following vendors have also supported the club, but unfortunately do not yet have web sites:

Black Meadow Orchids: Wholesale orchid vendor 256 Black Meadow Rd., Chester, NY 10918 1-845-469-5055 vendor at our club Show and Sale

H&R Orchids of Waimanalo, Oahu, HI (auction donor), specializing in Cattleya, Dendrobium, and many other genera; hybrids and species: (808) 259-9626

Kinderwassa Acres attn: Kim Metzler 103 Tsatsawassa Lake Rd. East Nassau, NY 518-766-5286 speaker at our club

Regional Orchid Societies

New York State:

Southern Tier Orchid Society, Binghamton

Genesee Region Orchid Society, Rochester

Greater NY Orchid Society, NYC

Manhattan Orchid Society, Manhattan

Mid Hudson Orchid Society, Newburgh

NENYOS - Northeastern NY Orchid Society, Colonie

NFOS - Niagara Frontier Orchid Society, Buffalo

Staten Island Orchid Society, Staten Island


Bucks County Orchid Society, Levittown

Lehigh Valley Orchid Society, Allentown

Orchid Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania, Erie

Southeastern Pennsylvania Orchid Society, Valley Forge

Greater Philadelphia Orchid Society, Philadelphia, PA

Susquehanna Orchid Society, Mechanicsburg, PA

Other States:

Denver Orchid Society, Denver Co.

East Everglades Orchid Society, Miami, Fl.

New Hampshire Orchid Society

Nutmeg State Orchid Society - Connecticut

South Dakota Orchid Society


- Kingston Orchid Society, Kingston, Ontario

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