March 2008: Biennial Mounted Orchid ClinicThis March, CNYOS had one of its most popular programs, the sixth Biennial Mounted Orchid Clinic. For this meeting, members had the opportunity to learn how to mount an orchid on a cedar shingle or a stick, which allows the orchid to grow more similarly to how it would in the wild. As most orchid-growers know, orchids are grown in pots of some sort of fast-draining substrate mainly for our convenience; in nature you are far more likely to find them hanging from trees or cliff faces, where they are exposed to quite a bit of moving air. Caring for mounted orchids can be a little more involved as they need more frequent watering and humidity, but the results can make the extra effort well worth it.

A selection of bare-root orchids to be used in the clinic were pre-ordered by members from Andy's Orchids of Encinitas, CA—Andy selected a number of different varieties for the club, from which members could choose which they wanted based on their personal preferences and their particular growing areas. Included in the purchase were all of the necessary materials, including moss and various sticks and cedar shingles on which to mount the orchids. Members were also allowed to make purchases of other plants not listed for the clinic from Andy's sales list at group discount prices. It was a lot of work for Andy's Orchids to help us with this mounting clinic, and the Members were very happy with the plants and supplies that they sent us.

In February 2008 Club Member Gary Stensland gave a hands-on demonstration on how he makes his amazing, award-winning miniature orchid displays out of craft material. He has had his displays in our and other Orchid Shows, and they win awards at every one. Gary showed us just how easy some of the items can be to make, and I have a feeling that other Members will be making miniature displays, soon.

In January 2008 we had for Speaker Tom Nasser of Carolina Orchids visit us. Tom gave us an excellent presentation on Bulbophyllum species orchids. Tom was a very entertaining speaker, brought some very interesting orchids to sell and gave a fascinating presentation. Nobody knew that there were so many different Bulbophyllums growing in the Old and New World! Not all of them smell like rotting meat or worse, either. Many Bulbophyllums actually resemble other different orchid species to which they are not at all related.

In December 2007 we had our Annual Christmas/Holiday dish-to-pass dinner at the St. Augustine's Church. Each Member brought a favorite entree or dessert item, and the Club provided table ware and drinks. Each year the food is excellent and as always the Holiday Show Table was impressive. It is quite a treat to have so many different kinds of food brought to the dinner, and it always seems to work out that nobody brings duplicate items, except by special request!

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