Select the link to the New Virtual Show Table page

Top Center you will see the (Login) button. Select 'Login'
A new window will appear in which you will type in the previously-provided Username and Password

Once you are logged-in to the club account, the main window will appear. Note that once you log in, you are in Admin (administration) mode where you can upload pictures and make other entries. If you no longer want to edit things, you can click the user mode button and switch from Admin to User. This will prevent any accidental changes and you can view all of the pictures. You can view the different User Galleries and their included albums while in Admin mode, but it is better to just make changes in Admin mode and then log out. You can then view all of the pictures in all of the galleries without fear of making a mistake.

Important note: While in Admin Mode, only upload pictures. Do not edit any of the other account, gallery or other such information. Thanks! The gallery admin can correct some mistakes but if information or pictures are deleted the original picture owner will have to upload again; they may no longer have these pictures, so please be careful.

Select the Upload Picture button. A new window will appear. From the drop-down window for Album selection, choose the one for the appropriate year. In most cases this will be something like the '2008 Virtual Showtable Pictures' unless you found some pictures you took in years past and want to add them to the appropriate album. Next select the 'choose file' button and then browse through your computer files until you find the digital image you want to upload. It helps to have your pictures on your desktop so that you don't have to look very far. After this select the 'upload picture' button.
After the upload is complete the page will prompt you to fill in the title you wish for your pictures, and all of the other information to be included and displayed with the image on the website. If you want to upload more pictures just select the 'upload picture' button and repeat the above for each picture. If you have dialup internet access and it seems like it is taking a long time for the picture to upload, then on your internet browser bar hit 'stop' and then try selecting the picture and uploading again; this often works right away. Any questions just ask Charles.

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