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Have you ever had a prized orchid flower just after the monthly meeting, or fade just beforehand?
Do your orchids only flower during the summertime?

I've heard many lament the fact that their favorite orchid won't flower for the shows or meetings! Our newest website feature is a service for members that have orchids that don't flower at the right time, for those who are unable to attend for whatever reason or aren't comfortable taking the plant out of its growing area. Also, if your plant has a few insects, or you're fighting an infection you can keep it home but still display the flowers.

What's the greatest benefit to having your plant pictured on our virtual show table? Well, our show table at the club meetings is usually jam-packed with bright, colorful orchids of all shapes and sizes. It's easy for a smaller plant to get covered up, and sometimes there's not enough time at the meetings to talk about a particular plant's history or how you finally got it to bloom. 

On the virtual show table, your orchid will be displayed in very fine detail, on a page of it's own. No competition! Many people from around the world can view and admire your prized orchid, and the flowers will never fade, drop or be damaged by pesky slugs!

If you or a friend can take a picture and email a scanned copy of it to club member Charles Ufford , deliver a copy to a club member and/or bring it to the next meeting, your orchid will be presented for display on our website! An original picture or copy can also be mailed to Charles at PO Box 626, Oriskany, NY 13424. Please state also if you would like the picture returned.

Information to be included with the photo/image:



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2005 Entries

Epidendrum ilense
Dendrobium Marjorie Ummer
Dendrobium Super Ise

2004 Entries

2003 Entries


White Dendrobium Hybrid

Meiracyllium wendlandii

Trichopilia galeottiana

Paph chamberlainianum

Phal equestris 'Trident'

Phal aphrodite

Phal venosa

Phrag Ecua-bess

Paph delenatii

Den. Superstar 'Apollo'

Onc. Sharry Baby

Laelia gouldiana

Pink Dendrobium hybrid

Blc (Bl Morning Glory x Lc Love Knot)

Phal celebensis

White/Pink Dendrobium hybrid

Phal corningiana

2002 Entries
Oncidium pumila
Encyclia nematocaulon
 Phal sanderiana
Trichoglottis pusilla
Schoenorchis fragrans
Lc. (C. Intertexa 'blulu' x Lc. Mini Purple 'blulu')

Trichopilia marginata 'Friendship'

Phal hieroglyphica
Paph Dr. Jack
Phal mariae
Dendrobium unicum
Odontocidium Bartley Schwarz

Paph Josephina
(name pending

Euchile mariae
Phal equestris
Isochilus linearis
Paph concolor
Encyclia xipheres
Potinara Hoku Jem
Neofinetia falcata
Lc Jungle Jem
Lc Angel Love

Ryncholaelia digbyana

check this out!

Palumbina candida

Oncidium hybrid

Odontiona hybrid

Brassia hybrid

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