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Past Issues of The Orchid Enthusiast contain original articles, lots of cultural information, as well as all of the regular features (club activities, show results, guest speakers, & show table listings). Listed below with each issue is a brief description of that month's contents—author and copyright information is found within each document. Regardless, the following statement applies to ALL issues available for download below:

Please Note: Content of The Orchid Enthusiast is copyright Eva Galson, Charles Ufford, Jeff Stuart & the Central New York Orchid Society, unless stated otherwise in each issue (e.g., original articles, photos, and/or content by other individuals, in which case copyright remains with the original source, as indicated). Information can be borrowed and used for educational purposes providing that the original author or photographer is credited.

March 2000: The First Issue!

Spot Light On Laelia sincorana. Feature Article: Neem Those Mealys Away?!

April 2000:

Spot Light on Phalaenopsis schilleriana. Feature Article: Mini Cattleyas: Exciting, Colorful, & Small.

May 2000

Spot Light on Cattleya leuddemanniana & Masdevallia glandulosa. Feature Article: Orchid Names – A Mystery Unraveled.

June 2000

Spot Light on Cattleya walkeriana & Paphiopedilum concolor. Feature articles: 1. So you want to summer your orchids outdoors! & 2. What's in a name?

November 2000

Feature Articles: 1. How to Read an Orchid Label, 2. Water Quality Issues for Slipper Orchid Growers.

December 2000

Spot Light on Cattleya percivaliana. Feature Articles: 1. The Disas of South Africa, 2. Christmas Stinks

January 2001

Spot Light on: Masdevallias veitchiana & coccinea. Feature Article: Use of Coconut Husk Chips for Potting Medium. Part 1.

February 2001

Spot Light On Encyclia fragrans & Schomburgkia tibicinis. Feature Article: Use of Coconut Husk Chips for Potting Medium. Part 2.

March 2001

Spot Light On Dendrobiums sulcatum & chrysotoxum. Feature Article: Phalaenopsis and Mites

(March 2001 Supplement)

April 2001

Spot Light on Bulbophyllum graveolens & Paphiopedilum Makuli. Feature Article: Considerations for Orchid Exhibits

May 2001

Spot Light On Chysis bractescens & Galeandra baueri. Feature Articles: 1. How to Kill Your Orchids!, 2. Chinese Cymbidium Culture

June 2001

Spot Light On Cychnoches chlorochilon & Stanhopea wardii.

July 2001

Spot Light On Cattleyas aclandiae & schilleriana. Feature Article: Kyle, Grandson of Ugly Duckling forbesii, Makes Good - Receives a Highly Commended Certificate from the AOS.

September 2001

Spot Light On Paphiopedilum charlesworthii & Phragmipedium Noirmont. Feature Article: What I've Learned.

[The October 2001 newsletter was a simple meeting notice with little content and will not be posted here.]

November 2001

Spot Light On Sophronitis brevipedunculata & Cymbidium erythrostylum. Feature Article: The Flowering of the Strange Orchid.

December 2001

Spot Light On Cattleya maxima & Paphiopedilum spicerianum. Feature Article: It All Started With...

January 2002

Spot Light On Rhyncholaelia digbyana, Brassavola cucullata, and Brassavola David Sanders. Feature Article: A Visit to OZ!

February 2002

Spot Light On Paphiopedilums henryanum & charlesworthii. Feature Article: Confessions of an Over-Waterer: A Ten Step Program Toward Recovery

March 2002

Spot Light On Encyclias cordigera & plicata. Feature Article: Scale Insects on Orchids

(March 2002 Supplement)

April 2002

Spot Light On Cattleyas aclandiae & schilleriana. Feature Article: Mealybugs on Orchids.

May 2002

Spot Light On Ascocentrums miniatum & curvifolium. Feature Articles: 1. Fungus Gnats & 2. Caring for Your Newly Mounted Orchids.

June 2002

Spot Light On Dendrobiums nobile & bracteosum. Feature Article: Mites on Cultivated Orchids.

September 2002

Spot Light On Cattleya loddigisii & Epidendrum difforme. Feature Article: Visit to Countryside Orchids

October 2002

Spot Light On Paphiopedilums bellatulum & malipoense. Feature Article: Quick Start — Buying & Growing Your First Paph (part 1).

November 2002

Spot Light On Cychnoches chlorochilon & Catesetum pileatum. Feature Article: Quick Start — Buying & Growing Your First Paph (part 2).

[The December 2002 newsletter was a simple meeting notice with little content and will not be posted here.]

January 2003

Spot Light On Vanilla planifolia & Acineta superba. Feature Article: Quick Start — Buying & Growing Your First Paph (part 3).

February 2003

Spot Light On Maxillarias tenufolia & ringens. Feature Article: Growing Phal Species in an Upstate NY Apartment.

March 2003

Spot Light On Cattleyas guttata, leopoldii, schilleriana, & Their Hybrid, C. Resplendens. Feature Contribution: CNYOS Member Charles Ufford relates the events that ultimately lead to his beautiful Phalaenopsis braceana being awarded with a CHM/AOS at our Annual Show and Sale, September 2002.

April 2003

Spot Light On Dresslerella pilosissima & Pleurothallis endotrachis. Feature Articles: 1. How to distinguish Cattleya guttata Lindley from Cattleya leopoldii Verschaffelt ex Lemaire, 2. Odontoglossum crispum: An Almost Vanished Species With A Great Legacy

May 2003

Spot Light On Sobralias decora & fragrans. Feature Article: Orchids at the United States Botanical Garden.

June 2003

Spot Light On Ascocentrums miniatum & curvifolium. Feature Article: The American Orchid Society Headquarters: A Showcase for the Orchid Hobbyist.

September 2003

Spot light on Encyclias prismatocarpa & brassavolae. Feature Articles: Cattleyas skinneri & dowiana, Orchids in the 18TH Century

October 2003

Spot Light on Brassavola nodosa & Dendrobium gonzalesii.

November 2003

Spot Light on Laelia eyermaniana & Oncidium ornithorhynchum

[The December 2003 newsletter was a simple meeting notice with little content and will not be posted here.]

January 2004

Spot Light on Cochleanthes amazonica & marginata

Feature Article: The Paphiopedilum Section of the Genus Paphiopedilum, Part I

February 2004

Spot Light on Encyclia marmoratum & Den. sulawesiense

Feature Articles: The Paphiopedilum Section of the Genus Paphiopedilum, Part II & Paph. barbigerum

March 2004

Spot Light on Amesiella monticola & Odm. nobile

Feature Articles: Cypripediums for the House and Garden and Hardy Bletillas (both by Dr. Clark Riley)

April 2004

Spot Light on Dendrobium primulinum & Renanthera imschootiana

Feature Articles: 1. Growing Mounted Orchids Under Fluorescent Lights (by Jeff Stuart); 2. Growing Mini-Cattleyas (by Mike Clark)

May 2004

Spot Light on Phragmipedium besseae & Trichopilia tortilis

Feature Articles: 1. Cattleyas for the Home Grower (by Alan Koch)

2. Caring for Your Newly-Mounted Orchids (by Jeff Stuart)

June 2004

Spot Light on Laelia alaorii, Sophronitis coccinea & Sl. Coral Orb

Feature Article: Semi-HydroponicTM Orchid Culture (by Mike Clark)

September 2004

Spot Light on Neocogniauxia hexaptera & Cirrhopetalum tingabarinum

Feature Article: Appreciating the Complexities of an Orchid Show (by Wayne Bourdette, GNYOS).









*** --------- I would like to point out here that all of the previous newsletters were created and edited by CNYOS Member Jeffrey Stuart who was the newsletter editor at the time. Jeff now lives in Connecticut NJ/Pennsylvania and though is a Lifetime Member of the club, no longer manages our newsletter. Jeff did an excellent job with the newsletter and we all miss his work! The newsletters between 10/05 and 5/06 mostly contain information about club meetings and events, and very little information like the former Orchid Spotlights or helps/tips articles.







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